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Author Your Message to the World

Crafting Your Content to Make Your Desired Impact

The world is full of noise. In order for your voice to make an impact it must be clear, connected to an outcome, and well crafted. When our words are in alignment with who we are, and what we stand for, our audience recognizes the same clarity in themselves and are inspired to listen deeply, engage in the conversation, and apply the lessons and strategies in their own life. Significant change begins with the right words inviting the right actions at the right time. Now is that time!

Empower Your Voice and Speak

Embrace Your Wisdom, Experience, and Perspective to Empower Others

Most people are afraid to share their voice with the world because they feel they are not qualified to contribute to the conversation. Your unique set of life experiences and your response to them has created your perspective. The wisdom you possess comes from the awareness and actions you have taken in response to your life circumstances. When we have the courage to share our authentic and personal experience with others it first validates their experience and then challenges them to raise their awareness and become more intentional with their actions. Your voice is that invitation they are waiting for!

Connect Authentically to Your Audience

Facilitate Deeper Learning and Transformation

Don't just present ideas; facilitate change. Most speakers focus on their own message, their own delivery, and how they felt a speaking engagement went for them. When you shift your focus to your audience it requires you to show up and be present. In the present moment the conversation becomes real, responsive to your audience's needs, and forces you to find ways to connect beyond sharing your ideas. This spirit of collaboration and shared intimacy is the secret to engaging and life changing moments. Create space for your audience to be at the center of your experiences!

IT'S TIME TO Elevate Your Keynotes, Workshops, and Online Courses



Shari Murphy

Master Facilitator

Quantum Learning

"Jeffrey was able to acknowledge what I did well and target exactly what it was I needed to hear in order to create a shift in me. After receiving the feedback I felt empowered, motivated, and excited to explore how to become an even better version of myself."


"Prior to working with Jeffrey, I was leaning on my raw talent and charisma, but I knew deep down I wasn’t really delivering my best work. He helped me to become a skilled speaker by giving me a methodology for crafting and delivering my content."

Chris Kazi Rolle


Together Apart


"I don't think I would have applied to be a TEDEd Speaker if it wasn't for Jeff's encouragement that there was more out there for me. He believed in my talents and knew exactly how to coach me. He listened so keenly, motivated me to embrace my passion, and showed up courageously with me."  


 Speaker & Coach


"Jeffrey communicates outcomes and expectations effortlessly and provides critical feedback with a tone of grace. He is a master of building people up and he strategically empowered me to be more effective and provided me the foundation of how I do things today."

Sedrick Keyes


The Lionheart Lab

About Me

I am a public speaking and content coach who believes that effective communication is the key to healing, personal growth, and creating lasting change. I help people to tap into their Creativity, Empower their voice, and have the Courage to share their message with the world.

If you are looking to take your ideas and experiences and turn them into content you can teach to others, I have got you covered. My experience as an educator, curriculum writer, master facilitator, and public speaking coach will help you go from page to stage.  

I have devoted my life to understanding the intricacies involved in clear communication and have delivered training and coached presenters all over the world to help clarify their message, increase their effectiveness, and create a sustainable impact with their content. Together we will align your outcomes, your content, your delivery, and your personality to transform your audience.

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